Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butt Lifting Theory

Butt Lifting Theory

How often do you stand in the mirror backwards pinching, grabbing and pulling your butt trying like hell to figure out how on earth are you supposed to eliminate that crease and return your rump to its' former glory?  A saggy butt is no laughing matter.  If you're a woman over the age of 25 you know the deliterious effects of gravity on your buns. 

Sadly, most women, with or without the guidance of a trainer waste days, weeks months and years trying to firm up the lower part of thier butts.  They diet, lunge, diet, squat, starve, run, starve some more and spin, but no matter what they do they're stuck with a droopy butt.  Why? 

The reason they are unsuccessful is that they are working against nature, gravity, biology and mechanics.  The saggy lower portion of your butt (pictured above) is not muscle.  It's skin and fat and you can't exercise skin and fat.  Sure, you can diet all you like, cleanse until the cows come home, scrub, slap and wrap but unless you're 20 years old or you get down to about 11% body fat (super-unlikely) you'll only make modest improvements. 

The only way to eliminate that crease is to add volume to the top of your butt.  I know this seems counter to our objectives, however it's pretty much the only thing that works.  Now, I'm not talking about loading up on french fries and adding to your backside that way, I'm talking about adding muscle to the top half which will tighten up the skin below.

Next time you're in the gym ask one of the more experienced trainers what exercises you can do to build the top portion of your butt (gluteus medius).  Stick with it for a few weeks and see if you don't start to lift that thang.

Thats my two cents and it's worth every penny.


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