Thursday, March 7, 2013

How a woman's posture can set a course for her life.

As a pilates instructor in SoCal, I’m constantly surrounded by single women, beautiful, smart, fun, single women.  Sadly, most of them are over being single and would prefer to be in a relationship they just can’t seem to find available men.  Now, if you don’t live here you might think these women are nuts, everyone knows Southern California and specifically San Diego is crawling with attractive, fun, athletic, nicely tanned, single guys.  Guys, yes, but men? Well, that's a completely different story.  Men in this town are in extremely short supply.
Guys and men are two different things.  Sure, they’re both male like Pee-Wee Herman and Mark Wahlberg are both male but I think we’d all agree that they’re vastly different.  In the animal world a man is more like a lion while the guy is more like a hyena.  The lion is a hunter.  He’s strong, confident, and proud.  What’s interesting about the lion is that when they hunt they target a strong, healthy and mature member of the herd as that animal will have the most meat and will not pass along any disease when consumed.

Conversely, hyenas are not proud and confident like the lion.  They are scavengers who prefer not to hunt, but to eat the lion’s left-overs.  When they are forced to hunt they target the young, weak and diseased members of the herd as these animals are easier prey.

In the singles world it’s not that much different.  A man hunts for a strong and confident woman, after all, she may end up being the mother of his children.  The guy, not unlike the hyena, scrambles after the immature, weak and insecure women as these are easier prey.  Most single women would much prefer a man over a hyena – right?  Right. 

 So how does a woman attract the lions of the human world?  Well, it’s hard to know too much about a person just from seeing them across the room, but there is one tell-tale sign… Posture.  That’s right, good posture.  A confident, healthy and emotionally secure woman stands tall and sits up straight.  Whether it’s conscious or sub-conscious, the man is attracted to this type of woman.  When a woman slouches with her head down and shoulders rolled forward she’s not communicating health and confidence, she’s telling the world that she’s weak and broken and ready for more abuse.  The guy, the hyena, is attracted to this woman.
"Wow" says the lion            "Oh boy!" says the hyena

Don’t believe me?  Try this, the next time you’re out with the girls at some restaurant, bar or club, make it a point to slouch and take note of the type of guys who notice you.  After an hour or so, sit up or stand up with good posture and see who notices you.  I’m sure you’ll see a difference in the quality of male you attract.  Remain patient, you probably won’t have as many males approach you, but remember, you’re after quality, not quantity.  There are a lot more hyena’s (especially in the bar scene) than lions.

So, how does one attain good posture?  First and foremost, awareness is key.  Remind yourself to situp straight and stand tall.  I know this might sound a little simple, but good posture begets good posture.  Standing tall and sitting up straight might feel a little awkward and it might even strain your muscles for the first few days, but by doing this you’ll be building strength in the muscles that reinforce good posture.  As an added bonus your’ abs will strengthen and your’ tummy will be flatter.  By the end of the first week your posture will be a ton better and by the end of the month good posture will be natural. 

Good posture paysoff in so many ways.  Not only will you be attracting better quality males, but you’ll feel better about yourself.  You’ll have more energy and your metabolic rate will improve causing your body to burn unneeded fat stores.  When walking down the street you’ll be less of a target for crime because you’ll have better peripheral vision and you won’t look like a victim.  People will notice the difference at the office too.  You might be the junior person in your department, but if you walk in tall and sit up straight the higher-ups will regard you more as an equal or even as someone poised to move up in the organization. 


Well, that’s my two cents and it’s worth every penny.


Jake Holmes

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